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About Me

My Journey

Carolyn Martell is a Certified Practitioner of
Sound Healing and Vibrational Therapy. Carolyn
is also a Massage Therapist, graduating from
Lincoln College of Technology in 2008
, with
training in Reflexology. She is certified in Energy
Medicine and Reiki I and II, also certified in
Myofascial Isolation Lower Extremities. Carolyn’s
intention is to help her clients obtain a mind, body
and spirit connection. Using her intuitive touch
and creativity she relieves stress and pain and
assists her clients on the journey towards
She feels, through these healing modalities the
body can find the stillness to rest thus heal.
Carolyn is also an honor graduate of Mystery
School Order of Melchezedek and an ordained
Minister, Teacher, and Counselor with Universal
Life Church. She specializes in performing
Handfasting ceremonies. Handfasting is an
alternative to the traditional church wedding.

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