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Divine Yatra Handfasting Ceremonies

Specializing in Handfasting Wedding Ceremonies. Handfasting is
an ancient Celtic ritual in which the hands are tied together to
symbolize the binding of two lives.
The mission of DYHC is to offer couples an alternative to the
traditional wedding ceremony. Enabling them to be creative and
go outside the box. After all it is their day. It can be a way of
involving the elements, nature, the universe, the ancestors as well
as family and friends to celebrate this sacred occasion.
I can also assist you as coordinator with every detail of your
special day from beginning to end.
Contact me for a consultation.
All services are performed by me Carolyn Martell
Ordained Minister, Teacher, and Counselor with Universal Life
Church 2015.
Honor graduate of Mystery School Order of Melchezedek 2012.

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